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“I wish I knew how to play the piano. ” I have heard this a lot of times, but the primary obstacles are time and money. Nowadays there’s a solution for both of these problems. Technology nowadays allows people to fulfill their aspirations. To begin with, digital music has made present-day keyboards a whole lot cheaper ın comparison to the earlier, higher priced versions. There are a number decent keyboards for under $ 100. Second, online piano lessons can be accessed simultaneously from many people, which is better than being forced to wait for lessons through traditional courses. You’re able to download lessons from an online piano course as soon as you have the time to study and practice. The cost of delivering piano lessons online is cheap compared to a studio.

Rocket Piano is certainly the best choice for someone who wants to learn to play the piano but is unable to afford the high costs with traditional lessons. Even if this course did cost you more money, you’ll never find a better quality piano course. An accomplished music composer and jazz artist, Ashleigh Southam, has developed the lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students who can all benefit from these lessons. They are presented in multimedia. Quite a few audio and video clips are presented all through the lessons that make it clear exactly how a song should look and sound. It is easy to learn any style of music using Rocket Piano including: blues, rock, gospel, pop, classical, or jazz.

These lessons are not the ones you learn from your mother. Nearly everyone learns to play the piano for enjoyment, recreation and for the simple reason that it’s fun! Ashleigh understands this all too well. Of course, for you to become highly skilled you must commit a whole lot of time practicing scales, arpeggios, and speed drills. I know, because I took this course. But, if you wanted to play simply for fun then you won’t need to practice for hours every day.

I will never regret the classical training I received, but I never was able to just sit down and have fun playing. I needed to use the sheet music for practice until I had memorized the piece. However, there is nothing wrong with having to use sheet music, except you don’t always have it handy. The most enjoyable and happy moments are when I can join in with other people gathered around the piano to sing or play a song. I enjoy being able to play by ear and Rocket Piano has made that possible. It’s also possible for you. Join Ashleigh and me in learning to play the piano!

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