Ercolina benders: The Best Benders in Town

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If one looks carefully around the house, inside the car, and out onto the street, one will notice that without pipe benders nothing would have been the way it is. One may not have noticed it at first but without pipe bending, one wouldn’t be able to play a trombone or drive a car. In the car’s engine, the curvy metal tubing which is a part of it is crafted with its help. Even motorcycle pipes that have strange, funky shapes are built using thin wall, high-density steel piping and pipe benders.

Ercolina is known for manufacturing inventive rotating draw tubes, pipes and profile bending machine equipments to create quality repeatable accuracy bends in seconds. All Ercolina benders are user friendly and can remember bend angle as well as material spring back settings. There is a variety to choose from. There are non-mandrel, mandrel style tubes and pipe benders that are proficient at twisting thick or thin wall tubing to centerline radius as small as 1 or 1/2 times the diameter with the least distortion. The patented electro mechanical design of Ercolina benders eliminates older style manual benders reduces maintenance cost and shop floor space requirements.

One of the most popular designs is the Ercolina 030 megabender tube and pipe bender. It has the following features:  
•  1/4″ – 3″ Diameter Capability
•  Touch-pad programming
•  220V 1ph or 220 – 440V 3 ph.
•  Max. CLR 15″
•  Adjustable bending speed
•  Mandrel ready

The brakes of a vehicle are tremendously important.

If they don’t function properly lives could be endangered. So without installing good ones, one should never think of driving a vehicle. The common type of brakes used in most vehicles is called as discs. Tennsmith brakes are quite competent in building such kinds. They manufacture a full line of medium and heavy duty hand brakes ranging from 3” to 6” in depth. They also provide bench-mounted machines, floor standing box & pan, and the newly launched universal hand brake, geared to form intricate parts. All Tennsmith brakes never fail to disappoint people and are built to surpass their 75-year repute of superior craftsmanship.

The standard features of a tennsmith brake include:
•  Leveling Screws and lock nuts on the pedestals
•  Totally changeable counter balances to enable bending
•  Jack Screws and tensioner bolts on the base, apron, and upper leaf
•  Detachable Apron angle and 1/4″ reverse bends in lighter material
•  A disposable nose bar and apron insert.

These features make Tennsmith the ultimate choice.

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