Trumpet Player Seeks Knowledgeable & Motivating Trumpet Teacher!

In the world of trumpet playing, there are great resources that don’t carry the best instructions for young players to follow and comprehend. As well, most of the really valuable exercises look both intimidating and boring!

The guidance of a good teacher to both entice the student to practice these exercises as well as explain the proper way to perform them is vital! The problem is that just because a teacher can perform the exercises properly, doesn’t ensure that they can convey the message to their students, let alone motivate them. Then there are the teachers who can barely perform the exercises with understanding themselves, let alone try and pass that knowledge on.

I have found that in my own experience of being a student, it’s very important that student and teacher feel comfortable together. If the student is intimidated, then most will have difficulty learning. If the teacher is easily frustrated with a student, then most likely they will not convey a valuable message for the student.

So how does a student seeking a teacher solve this? By talking with the prospective teacher to see if they match up. Ask a few questions about playing… if the teacher gives vague answers, or makes it sound much more complex than what it needs to be, that’s probably not the teacher for you. See what kind of a feeling you get from that person… do you feel inspired? Hopeful? Or do you feel more confused or discouraged?

I’ve walked away from quite a few people who call themselves teachers feeling absolutely irritated – feeling like all that person was doing was trying to impress me with their “knowledge.”

The bottom line is this… playing a musical instrument is like learning to speak a foreign language.

It’s a process of memorization – not a need for natural ability, or a rocket science degree.

If you are a trumpet player seeking a trumpet teacher who can motivate you and not confuse you with gobble-dee-gook, or “hocus-pokus” terms, visit my website and contact me for an online lesson!

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