Homemade Bamboo Flutes

When we hear a bamboo flute playing we somehow feel soothed and relaxed. It makes calming music that may help us unwind and take a rest away from stressful responsibilities and a busy city. Bamboo flute making can be really simple, as most of the work is done for you because of the way that bamboo grows.

There are natural hollows that are grown into the bamboo that create the chambers that make the sound resonator. However, there if you want to make your own flute, you will have to have some basic knowledge about flute making. You need to know just a little bit of math to figure out how to make a flute the right length for the fundamental note (the lowest note that you can play, with all fingers covering every hole).

In order to have the perfect homemade bamboo flute you need to be aware of the two basic numbers in making a flute. These two basics are: the linear measurement for how far sound travels per second, and; the number of Hertz (the vibratory frequency) of any specific notes you will have the flute play. As far as the numbers are concerned below are the computations of the distance in order to achieve the best sounds for a homemade bamboo flute:

The distance sound travels per second, at sea level, and at about 70 degrees F (or 21 degrees C), is 13526.5 inches (or 34357.31 centimeters). To learn this, the flute maker should take the frequency number of the note, which for this example we’ll say the fundamental note will be “A”, which would be 440, and divide the previous number by this one. What you will get is the length of one wavelength for this note, in this case 30.74 inches, or 70.08 centimeters.

In order to achieve the correct length for the bamboo flute you now divide this measurement by two, which would make it about 15 3/8 inches, or 35.04 centimeters.

If you’d like to learn more on the subject of how to make different types of flutes besides a bamboo flute then you can get a lot of information anytime with the help of the internet of course. There are many websites out there that provide step by step guidelines that you can follow to build your own homemade musical instruments; flutes, percussion instruments and even stringed instruments. Making your own bamboo flute is a great place to start and can be a lot of fun.




Tom Budko is a fan of Shakuhachi Flutes. A traditional Japanese bamboo flute which has been used in Zen Buddhism for centuries as a tool for meditation and learning to be fully aware of one’s breath.

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