Who Makes The Best Student Trumpets?

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When buying a trumpet for the budding musician in the family, parents often face the question of who makes the best student trumpet? There are numerous brands in the market each claiming to be the best and so it is rather difficult at times to select just the right one. As good quality trumpets are expensive, price also becomes an important factor to consider when buying trumpets for students, especially if the parents are not sure whether their prodigy is actually deeply interested in playing the trumpet or it is just a passing attraction. Whatever the case maybe, parents should stay away from cheap quality trumpets because their inferior quality can actually discourage a student from wanting to play.

There are many manufacturers who make the best student trumpets such as Bach, Olds Yamaha, Conn, Kanstul, Schilke, King, and Holton. The student model trumpets from these brands basically share the same features and have few variations. Among the old brands, Olds ambassador is still regarded as simply the best student trumpet by many high school band instructors.

Olds Ambassador was manufactured by F.E Olds. The factory closed down in 1979 and the original old models are not being manufactured; however the used Olds Ambassador Trumpets are still in circulation and can be bought from several online stores. Built specially for students, these trumpets play well, sound great and are durable. The used Olds Ambassador Trumpets for sale are relatively inexpensive and so for a reasonable price you can get a good quality trumpet for the young student. The used trumpets though old are a great instruments for learning and by spending a nominal sum of money, you can get the dents removed and the lacquer repaired if necessary. F.E Olds are definitely on top of the list when it comes to who makes the best student trumpets.

Among the new brands, Yamaha has been voted as the best brand that makes the best student trumpets. The student models from Yamaha are reliable trumpets with good sound quality, excellent valve action and slide action (students can get decent Cs and Ds with the third valve slide) and they play in tune. Quality and durability has earned Yamaha Student Trumpets a high rank in the who makes the best students trumpet

For some who are looking for the answer to what is the best student trumpet, Getzen Student Trumpets could be the solution. This American brand is known for its durability, ease of playing and outstanding quality of their valves. The quality of construction makes it more than a student trumpet. Getzen Student Trumpets are backed by a five year manufacturer warranty and have a great re-sale value.

With swift response and brilliant intonation, King student trumpets are a good choice for learners as well. With years of experience behind them, King has manufactured superb student trumpets which have the features of more advanced trumpets. King also offers a five year warranty on its trumpets.

The above mentioned trumpets are an excellent choice for students and are recommended by instructors and band directors. These trumpets have several features in common such as overall playability and easy valve action. They are more resistant to the daily wear and tear and hold up much better than some of the less expensive models that are made in China.

As new trumpets are pretty expensive and out of reach of many students, we recommend one purchases a used trumpet which can usually be purchased at half the price. But before purchasing one must make sure that they are in good playing condition. The dents and other cosmetic defects can be removed but do not compromise on the brand or the sound quality.

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