How To Select A Saxophone

The saxophone is the most popular and widely heard solo instrument of the wind family. Saxophones are played in many types of ensembles, including jazz, concert, wind ensemble and in marching bands.

The saxophone family includes the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. Most new saxophone learners start with the alto saxophone. Reason being that a lot of classical saxophone books are written for the alto saxophone. In addition, the alto demands less from the player in terms of the air volume. The smaller key scale also fits very well in a young learners hands. Finally, the alto saxophone is relatively lower priced so makes for a good starter instrument for a new learner.

Now that you have decided on which type of saxophone to buy, you will need to note the following points in selecting your saxophone:

1.Lacquer or plated saxophone

Saxophones are typically finished in clear lacquer. However in recent years, there is a choice of different colored lacquers. The color of the lacquer does not actually change the sound quality. However, plating of the instrument does affect tonal quality. Plated saxophone give out a brighter tone compared to lacquered ones.

2.New or pre-owned

Depending on your budget, you may want to consider renting a saxophone or buying one. If purchasing a second hand instrument, do check it for scratches and dents. Also examine the condition of the pads.
If selecting a new instrument, you may find that there is a wide offering in terms of pricing. Typically the more expensive instruments have details such as hand engraving on the bell, hand hammered keys and so forth.

3.Accessories for your saxophone

It is necessary for you to get a neck strap for your saxophone. In addition, you will need other accessories including reed, mouthpiece, mouthpiece pouch and a swab. The swab is an essential cleaning tool and you should clean your instrument after every use. Other accessories you require include a music stand, books and couple of good CDs.

Finally, you need to look for an experienced and qualified saxophone teacher to teach you the ropes of playing the instrument. Once you pick up this skill, you will enjoy many hours of playing the saxophone for life.

At Stradivari Strings, we take pride in offering you personalized services in selecting your instrument. Whether you are looking to buy your first saxophone, or sourcing for a qualified saxophone teacher, we will be able to assist you. Stradivari Strings, also stock a wide range of other instruments including violin bows, cello, cello bow, guitar, flute and ukulele.

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