How to Learn the Piano – Rocket Piano Review

Learning the piano can be a time consuming activity, just like learning how to play any other musical instrument. There are, however, numerous methods you can use to learn how to play the piano, and not all of them are time consuming or boring. Let’s go ahead and discuss the most popular methods and their pros and cons:

Piano Teacher – This is a great method, and probably the most complete way to learn the piano. You have a teacher to direct you and correct any bad habits or mistakes you may make, as well as ongoing feedback from a real person who actually knows how to play the piano. Unfortunately this method is the most time consuming of them all, and can be expensive. Lessons are pricey and you have to set time aside to go to the teacher and take your lesson. Finally, if you do want to learn at a faster pace you either cannot (depending on the teacher) or shell out more money for more lessons, making this setup even more expensive.
Videos – This is a great alternative to a teacher. This option lets you learn at your own pace, it is cheap, and you can practice and learn as much as you want from the comfort of your own home. The downside is that you rarely have any idea if you are developing bad habits or doing something wrong as there is no one there to point the mistakes out to you, you just have to try and match your motions with those on the video.
Program (Rocket Piano) – This is probably the best alternative to a teacher. This option gives you the videos to learn from at your own pace as well as interactive sessions and games to teach you and keep you entertained at the same time. Also, this program will teach you how to play the piano using songs you know and love already. This is a big deal as teaching you with songs you like and actually want to play will motivate you more than learning how to play the piano using traditional piano music, which is pretty dated and boring. The downside to this is that Rocket Piano is typically more expensive than the video route, and while interactive, it cannot beat the interactivity you get from a teacher.

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