Who Makes the Best Intermediate Trumpet?

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After playing a student trumpet for a year or two, many players advance to intermediate trumpets. Many critics claim that intermediate trumpets are just marketing gimmicks and there are no differences between the two. The fact is there are huge differences between the two! The main difference is that student trumpets are mass produced and lack the craftsmanship and features that are present in advanced trumpets, like better slides and values that are present in intermediate trumpets. Intermediate trumpets also offer a more consistent intonation and offer the ease of playing in all registers. These are just a few differences between student and intermediate trumpets.


Among the manufacturers who make the best intermediate trumpets are original F.E Olds, Getzen, Schilke, Bach, Conn, Bundy, Reynolds and Yamaha.  F.E Olds is a trusted old brand; the intermediate trumpet from this model is the F.E Olds NL10MS Intermediate trumpet. This trumpet is known for its smooth valve action, responsiveness, excellent tone and ease of playability especially in the upper registry. Unfortunately due to the closure of the factory, only used Olds NL10MS Intermediate Trumpets are available in local music stores and on online stores.

Getzen the American brand stands head and shoulders above the manufacturers who make the best intermediate trumpets. Getzen 700S Eterna II as claimed by the maker is a highly versatile trumpet with a good response and fantastic valve action. The Capri 590 trumpet from Getzen is also considered by many as a good intermediate trumpet. This model has all the qualities a player desires when switching over from a student trumpet.

The 700S Eterna II is designed to be a great intermediate level trumpet at a very reasonable price.

Players will find that the 700S offers response and versatility unmatched by other instruments at this level. The Getzen 490 is a superior free blowing intermediate trumpet which offers a warm sound, exceptional sound quality and superb performance.

Bach is one of the big names who make the best intermediate trumpets. The Bach TR200S is an easy to play instrument with a nice tone. The sound is better and response is better than most trumpets in this class. Bach is a reliable and a reputable name that trumpet players have come to trust. Bach intermediate trumpets are well designed and offer dark warm sounds and excellent intonation. Bach has made the transition from student level to intermediate level all while offering their customers the quality and craftsmanship that has lasted for generations.

When rating the makers of the best intermediate trumpets, Blessing deserves a special mention. Blessing has always been the front runners in quality instruments. With 100 years of experience behind them, Blessing has produced trumpets with an exceptional sound quality, playability, swift response and superb intonation. Well known intermediate trumpets from Blessing are the BTR-1460 and the XL-TRS Intermediate Trumpet.

The M Series from Schilke is also a good intermediate trumpet. These trumpets were made in collaboration with Yamaha and were pretty decent B flat instruments. Yamaha had its own model the YTR 4335GS Intermediate Trumpet. Currently enjoying the top position in the list of who makes the best intermediate trumpets, Yamaha has once again excelled in making a superior quality instrument with excellent features. This instrument has the ability to transform an intermediate student to a pro.

The Conn Connstellation Intermediate trumpets has also won the approval of critics bringing Conn on the list of those who make the best intermediate trumpets. Conn has introduced models like Conn 83b, Conn 52B as intermediate trumpets.

Other leading brands who make the best intermediate trumpets are Jupiter, Stomvi, Kings, and Besson. All the brands mentioned here are leaders in the field of instruments and their line of intermediate trumpets act as a stepping stone towards professional trumpets.

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