Piano Chord Chart – Tips to Help You Master the Piano

There is no denying that the piano is one of the most popular instruments all over the world. It has played key roles in so many music genres, namely in Classical music, and has remained a popular tool for composing and rehearsing. Moreover, there is such a grace and elegance to the manner in which a pianist strikes the keys of a piano, making it highly entertaining and a spectacular experience to watch. These are perhaps some of the main reasons why the popularity of the piano has lasted as long as it has and why until today so many people continue to try to master it.

There has been a long-standing assumption that learning how to play the piano cannot be self-taught and that it is vital to understand music theory and have the ability to read sheet music in order to be a pianist. While knowledge on these two factors will certainly enhance the overall musical experience and may be considered vital if you want to perform classical music, it is now possible to learn how to play the piano without them.

One method to do so is learning through a piano chord chart. This is what a guitar tablature is to guitar players – an illustration or diagram of the position your fingers should be in to play specific notes. This means that even without knowing how to read sheet music, you will be able to play certain songs on the piano.

But piano chords are not only for beginners who need to learn the basics, but also for veterans who have forgotten how to play a specific note and need a reference in order to refresh their memory. Since it’s an illustration, it won’t take too long to learn.

It’s important for piano novices to remember, however, that while a piano chord chart will make learning take a little less effort and become less tedious, it is not what will make you a great pianist – practice and determination will.

You can start at any age, contrary to the belief that you should start extremely young in order to master the instrument; because in the end what will determine how good you are is the amount of practice and training you do in order to familiarize yourself with what you learn in your lessons.

Remember that repetitive playing will help ingrain the key pitches and rhythms into your brain so much that eventually playing the piano will seem like second nature to you and you’ll be able to do it without thinking about it too much beforehand.

Aside from practice, how much you enjoy playing will also play a key role in your success. No musician ever became good at what he or she did without being passionate about it. If you enjoy learning and practicing what you learn, you will be able to look past the tired fingers, the tediousness of memorizing the chords and instead will be grateful for every new achievement, no matter how small. If you find yourself detesting the time you spend practicing, you should begin to consider whether or not playing a musical instrument is really for you.

There, of course, is a lot of criticism against learning how to play the piano only through a piano chord chart. Some say it is not enough to develop the talent but in the end it really depends on your purpose. If you want to learn the piano just so you can play a few songs and take part in some jamming sessions then this method will suffice. If you’re looking to play music seriously then perhaps you can simply use the chord chart as a secondary reference. Whatever it may be, the chord chart of the piano will still be of great help to you. And remember that as mentioned above, there is more to just learning how to play when it comes to mastering the piano.

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