Proper Care For Musical Instruments

You invest a lot of money when you purchase high quality musical instruments. It is important to know how to properly care for and clean your equipment without causing harm or permanent damage. If you take care of your musical equipment, it can last you for many years and will continue to produce a high quality sound.

Musical instruments are made up of many different materials and as such, require different care. If you have a collection of various equipment, it can be a challenge to properly care for each instrument. Instruments that are made out of one material are the easiest to care for. These would include things such as the brass on trumpets or wood on violins. When you are dealing with mixed materials, that is when care can be a little bit more challenging to manage.

Certain coatings have been applied to instruments over the years such as varnish and lacquer. While these coatings can help to protect the instrument, they can also react with each other, too. It is important to keep your equipment clean and free of dirt as much as possible.

One must also take into consideration climatic conditions. Always keep water and moisture away from your musical equipment. Some materials expand in heat and each material may have a different reaction to weather conditions. Moisture and water can deteriorate your equipment very quickly and cause permanent damage. It is also recommended to keep your equipment away from direct sunlight as this can cause permanent damage as well.

Most equipment will need to be stored in climate-controlled rooms, especially stringed instruments. By controlling the temperature of the room, you can also control its level of humidity.

Remember that instruments react to heat as well as humidity and keep your them away from direct heat sources.

Lighting can have an affect on your equipment, too. It is recommended that most instruments are displayed in low level lighting and when stored, stored in a dark place or room. You must take care to prevent swelling or discoloration from happening to your equipment.

There are different types of musical equipment, which means different care for each kind. One thing is sure, always hold your instrument delicately. Take care to not bang into things or drop it on the floor. If your equipment has a case, make sure that you use it. If it has a cover, put it on regularly to protect it from dust and damage.

Treat your instrument with respect. Carry it and store it in its proper case when not in use. Just as you are careful with glass or other delicate objects, be just the same way with your equipment. If your instrument requires special varnish or polish to keep it looking nice, be sure to keep up the necessary maintenance.

If you take care of your musical instruments, they can last you for a life time. Many people take such great care of their musical equipment that they are able to hand it down from generation to generation. If you have small children, teach them proper care as well. Always respect your equipment and you will be able to make beautiful music for years to come.

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