How to Play the Violin – Practice These 3 Violin Exercises!

If you are just beginning to learn how to play the violin then you already know that it is not as easy as it looks. If you want to learn the violin but are struggling to get going, try out the following three violin exercises whilst you are learning how to play the violin. These are just the basic violin techniques but they will give you a great base upon which to build your violin techniques.

1. Practice – playing open strings.

This means not pressing down on any of the strings with the fingers on your left hand. All you have to do is rest the neck of the violin in the space between your thumb and fingers. Use the bow to make full strokes across the strings of the violin. Then, practice half strokes from the bottom of the strings (nearest your head) to halfway up and then back again. This is an excellent way to give you a feel for the violin and get used to the way it sounds. This violin exercise will also help you get accustomed to the way you stand and position yourself when playing the violin.

2. Practice – playing scales.

There are many scales to play, C major scale, D major scale, A major scale and F major scale to name but a few. You can find out how to play each of these scales on the Internet, there are so many great web sites with violin techniques which can show you how they are played and they can teach you how to play the violin. Some are much better than others so look around before you commit. To play these scales, you must place each finger down one at a time whilst bowing the string. You want to try and make a sound which is relaxed and not at all forced. Make sure there are no stops and it doesn’t sound too shaky.

Violin exercises like practicing scales will do a lot for your violin playing.

It will help you develop comfort and familiarity when playing in all positions. Likewise, it will help you gain confidence and accuracy in all positions. It improves your ear training, it trains you to hear the notes and overall intonation. Playing scales also helps you understand what to listen for when shifting notes and gives you practice of this when playingthe violin.

3. Practice – small sections of simple songs.

When playing the violin, instead of trying to play twinkle twinkle little star all the way through from start to finish without much success, try playing just the beginning or end. If you take a song in bite-size pieces you are less likely to become overwhelmed by it and frustrated if you can’t get past one particular part. Practice all of the parts separately and then when you feel ready piece all of the parts together. Violin exercises like this will help you gain confidence.

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