Online Violin Lesson Part One – How to Hold the Violin

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by Shaylor

Hello readers today in this online violin lesson I will teach you how to hold your violin. 

The first step in playing violin is learning how to correctly hold your violin, remember the most important thing when holding the violin is that you are comfortable and free off all tension. Begin by sitting in a comfortable chair or standing up whatever you find easier. The violin must rest on the collarbone and be supported by the left hand and the shoulder. The weight placed on the violin by the head must be gentle and relaxed. If you are holding your violin correctly you will be able to play easily and comfortably for many hours. 

Place the violin carefully under your chin and rest it on your left shoulder put your chin comfortably on the chin rest. If you do not have a chin rest it is highly recommended that you purchase one. Many virtuoso violinists have claimed that a chin rest makes a world of difference and that they cannot play without one something to consider if you do not have a chin rest yet. A flat chin rest will be more comfortable than a contoured one. 

Make sure that the neck is resting between your thumb and first finger, do not allow your palm the rest up against the neck. The bow must be held lightly with the thumb and fingers. Make sure the little finger is resting on top of the pad and is used to relieve tension from the bow strokes. 

The jaw, collarbone, base of left index finger and the side of the thumb establish four contacts points with the violin. Spend some time holding the violin lightly with these four contact points walk around slowly familiarizing yourself with how the violin feels.

You are then ready to play your first note. If you are looking more free online violin lessons you can CLICK HERE

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