Violin Case – Determining The Best Violin Case For You Personally

A large variety of violin cases exist on the market today and determining which one is right for you can be a frustrating endeavor. Also, cases ranges from a approximately 200 to 1000s of dollars making picking one out even more daunting. However, there’s something to think about which supports you make the right decision based on your particular needs.

Purchasing the right violin case is more than a matter of walking right into a store and picking one out. You have specific needs which should be addressed beforehand. While preparing to look around for the best violin case, start by taking a look at three main criteria: your way of life, environment and budget.


First, consider your way of life needs. If you commute back and forth to rehearse and performances then you’ll need extra protection for your instrument because of bumps and bangs which it can encounter through crowds and travel. A tough shell case will be a good choice, although they could be a bit heavy.

Also review your daily schedule. If you carry your violin along with you throughout the day from one appointment to another then you will need extra protection, plus straps to help you manage the items you carry with you. For such a need, either consider a bag to put your hard case in or a heavily padded case, both of which can be purchased with handles and backpack style straps.


You should also consider environmental surroundings you live in. Places which are extremely hot, humid, or dry may require you to purchase a violin case with a built-in hygrometer, which measures humidity inside the case, and a humidifier. An excessive amount of or not enough moisture can severely damage your instrument, so extra protection other than the situation shell might be necessary.


Of course, your available budget has a lot related to the kind of case you buy for the violin. For those who have a limited budget then go ahead and take above criteria into consideration and look around until you look for a violin case that both meets your needs and suits your budget.

The Author is an expert musician and writer that enjoys playing string instruments and writing about the Violin Case and dominant violin strings

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