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Native American flutes are definitely one of the most magical of instruments. Music played on a Native six hole flute has a way of captivating people. They can calm your spirit.

If you are familiar with flute music you must appreciate it too. If you are new to flutes, or searching for a flute for yourself or as a gift for someone special, I hope the following facts and tips will help you if you choose to buy a Native American flute online.

1. One of the exciting things about Native American flutes is that just anyone can learn to play them. They are very basic. The flute is simple, unlike some Native instruments requiring great skill. It can be enjoyed by young people and older folks alike.

2. A Native American flute can be made using expensive exotic woods or from something reasonably common like cane or bamboo. One of the more common flutes is made using pine. The most popular has to be a cedar flute. The most important thing to keep in mind is the care given to quality and detail. If you are thinking about purchasing a flute for as a gift or for yourself, you will be very happy with the sound quality of both of these types of handcrafted flutes.

3. Native American flutes are used in many cultures around the world. You too will also like Native flute music for its soft and peaceful tone. You can use a flute to bring a peaceful calm to the ambiance anywhere it is played. If you are a beginner, make sure to get a lesson book with a CD to play at home. Always make sure the flute you are considering is tuned. The keys of A minor and F sharp are a very good for beginners.

4. Flute music revives the hearer. If you look into the background of Indian instruments, you will find that flutes were important just like the drum.

The flute plays a very important part in the daily aspects of their lives. The flute affects the festivals and traditions of many Indigenous Tribes. Native American flute music can be used for prayer, meditation and relaxation.

5. Flutes in one form or another have existed for centuries and have been part of many Tribes around the world. As we look into the the culture of flutes we see that they were used in ancient Tribes. The birth place of the first Native American flute is not very easy to set. The reason is really a very basic one, the North American Tribes didn’t have a way to keep records because they didn’t have a written language. However, when European explorers documented their expeditions, they reported seeing the Native American flute.

6. You appreciate more the wonderful value of Native flute music when you realize that it was almost lost. The twentieth century brought tough assimilation rules for many Native Americans that very nearly destroyed their culture. It wasn’t until the mid-1900’s that Federal laws in the U.S. began to change and Native people were able to publicly practice their customs again.

7. The popularity of the Native American flute jumped so much that flute makers started making the instruments in large quantities for sell. The materials of choice that they used for making flutes changed from primitive to extravagant. The advent of modern electric tools and more availability of different types of woods, plastics and metals caused a great difference. Now days we are able to find many different choices for a Native style flute.

8. There are a few key points to keep in mind though when you are purchasing a Native style flute. There are many different types of flutes. But, they all fit into a couple of categories. The sound depends on whether it is a Plains style or a Woodlands style. A Plains style flute sounds like it has a buzzing type of sound. The Woodlands style flute produces more of a bell tone. Native American flutes are also fashioned from a variety of woods including inexpensive pine, mellow cedar or expensive exotic woods.

9. Given the widespread appeal of flute music, you can easily buy Native American flutes online. You can also check out different music centers, or specialty stores. Many places that offer American Indian handcrafts and southwestern home decorating accents also carry them.

If you want to find an easy instrument to learn to play, you should give a flute a try. Or, if you want an authentic musical instrument that would be good for use in Native ceremonies, the flute would be perfect. Whatever your reason is, you can keep the rich heritage and music of Indigenous people alive with Native American flutes.

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