Bamboo Flute as a Form of Relaxation

One of the most popular practices today in decorating your home is using Feng Shui. Feng Shui helps your home become a place of personal strength for its inhabitants both physically and spiritually. Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese art form of placing and arranging items in your surroundings to maximize the flow of Chi in the environment, thus bringing good luck and fortune into your lives. In fact most practitioners agree that Feng Shui is really a two-step method: avoidance, and remedy. Today that we are living in a fast-paced world where we are too busy all the time. We are busy fulfilling our responsibilities so that we don’t have the time to relax and unwind; which is why we need to create a relaxation practice through simple things like having a bamboo flute in our home.

Indeed using the bamboo flute remedy as a form of relaxation oftentimes is misunderstood. It is said that a lot of people believe that the bamboo flute provides a form of Chi push and enhances the energy in a room, as a result adding power, safety, peace and endurance. Unfortunately there is no hard evidence of this and it could just be a myth. Nevertheless the sound coming from a simple bamboo flute gives a mood of relaxation and a feeling of calm well-being to anyone who hears it. Imagine a busy afternoon with a long to do list, then stop and take five minutes to play a bamboo flute. The sweet and soothing sounds from the bamboo flute will help you feel Zen and relax at the same time.

If you go to a spa, you can see that some of the design elements often make use of the bamboo plant.

They say that bamboo is an extraordinary plant – it is strong, tough, resilient, and grows in all sorts of conditions with very little maintenance. This plant symbolizes all the elements and characteristics that we wish to draw into our own lives. That is why more and more products are now made of bamboo plants.

A bamboo flute is also a great gift to give to anyone. Even if the person you want to give the bamboo flute does not actually know how to play it they can still appreciate it as a beautiful object. They can use the bamboo flute in a display or as a decoration in their living room. In short, the bamboo flute can be used in a Feng Shui design or just as a lovely ornament for your home.




Tom Budko is a fan of Shakuhachi Flutes. A traditional Japanese bamboo flute which has been used in Zen Buddhism for centuries as a tool for meditation and learning to be fully aware of one’s breath.

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