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An exquisite and important string instrument with basically four strings is known as a violin. In the viol family, it is the smallest and the highest-pitched instrument. Informally, it is also known as a fiddle. This instrument developed in the early 16th century. The various parts of this instrument are the neck, scroll, upper bout, peg box, finger board, waist, bridge, F-holes, lower bout, fine tuners, tailpiece and chinrest. The music styles that can be produced by a Violin are classical music, jazz, folk music, Indian classical music, popular music and Arabic music. The latest technology in violins is the electric and acoustic violins.

Another member of the viol family is the Cello. Similar to a violin it has four strings but is bigger in size, and is the lowest pitched of all instruments in the family. It is also known as a violincello. It developed in the 1600s and its origination was from the bass violin. Cellos are used in orchestra, solo performances and quarters. It can produce jazz, popular music and neoclassical music. A bow similar to the violin bow is used to play this instrument.

Dominant violin strings are strings which have a synthetic core. They are the perfect choice for a student who has just started to learn playing a violin. The synthetic used in these strings is a type of nylon known as perlon. Dominant violin strings is the best choice as they have the qualities of both the gut-core strings and the steel-core strings. There sound quality is great, similar to the gut-core strings and like the steel-core strings they are durable and not susceptible to changes in weather. Thus, these strings have a dual advantage and are the best choice.

The instrument used to play the violin is the violin bow. A device to play the string instruments is known as a bow. A bow is pulled across the strings to move and vibrate them and so produce sound. A violin bow is a wooden stick which has a string of horse hair attached to both its ends. The two ends are known as frog or heel or nut and tip. The hair comes from the tail of a male, grey horse. Today, synthetic hair is used in less expensive bows. Brazil wood is the most common material used to make a bow.

A solid form of resin is known as Rosin. It is obtained mainly from different conifers, like pines and is got by vaporizing liquid and fresh resin. It is also known as Greek Pitch or colophony. The chief component of this item is the abietic acid found in resins and other acids found in resins. A perfect grip is very important for playing the violin. Rosin helps in increasing that grip. The undersides of the bridges of the violin are rubbed with a piece of colophony to prevent the bridge from being displaced during playing. It has a friction increasing capacity and so it enhances sound production.

Thus the viol family has a few very interesting and exquisite instruments which are very versatile and good to hear.

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