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To coarse yarn and adhesive bandages, invented a quick stop bleeding with minor trauma surgical products. Factory director Cannon named it as Band-Aid (Bundy). Band-Aids is the practice of flexible textile material with adhesive plaster adhesive tape consisting of a long strip.

Chinese people suffered minor wounds in the body when a habit is like taking a suction mouth to the wound or simply pull a cloth to the wound simply a pack. Johnson from smell business opportunities. Then his staff invented the rapid hemostasis of small products —- Band-Aids, into the Chinese market, this handy little utility inventions, born at the right to meet the Chinese habit of a small wound care, stroke accounts for a small trauma in China care market in half, by 2001, “Bundy” cumulative sales of more than 100 billion.

Fact, Bondi Before coming to China, China’s small wound care market has been occupied by the Yunnanbaiyao powder, but a good day for relaxing after all the way in the event of emergency, under Johnson. After nearly a decade straight Bundy (1992-2001) careful layout, this time of Yunnanbaiyao powder, once in drug stores in major cities rare sign of it.

Bondi’s success means “small tape” plenty of room to stop bleeding market, which is continuing since the past ten years a new product after another the reason why Band-Aid.

Traditionally, the Band-Aid has always been seen as a homogenization of consumer goods, is identified as “impossible to make a pattern” of goods. Cognitive height, determining competitive height, creating the Chinese market in Bondi 10 years, China most of all efforts in the pursuit of Band-Aid brand products mimic the form of Bondi, Bondi to do in order to gain a little cake market pie opportunities, price wars as the only option for brand vying for market share. This results in the fact that the Band-Aid brand caught up in the market, product characteristics and the lack of similar character, only a little difference, is that more than a few consumers do not remember the manufacturer only.

Low-level, no difference in the competitive consequences of the lack of personality is that many of the local Band-Aid brand not only can not fast-growing, but the shadow of big brother into Bondi cover the industry under the market dwarf, barely survive to grow up without a and Bondi rival. It is in this large market background, Yunnanbaiyao forcibly cut into the band-aid on the market in 2001.

In fact, in order to Bondi Band-Aid-led competition in the market, Bundy and Band-Aid almost a bundle, in the eyes of consumers. We can see that Band-Aid is Bundy, Bundy and Band-Aid together. If in such a strong industry knowledge, in such a situation, obviously, simply imitate, Yunnanbaiyao Band-Aid and similar products can not escape the same fate of failure.

Since it will be posted Bondi and wound bound together to form a concept of cognitive chain, in order in the context of homogenization of collapsed Bondi Yunnanbaiyao band-aid must be set to break the chain of the product concept of cognitive to avoid the traditional competitive advantages Bondi original elements, re-setting up a new competitive advantage.

Yunnanbaiyao soon discovered that the area of consumer awareness is equal to an actual tape Band-Aids, then OK, Bai Yao can be carried out in the inside knowledge of the dismantling of cutting, to the concept of recycling. Yunnanbaiyao is a Band-Aid drug, so that the entire industry, where all the knowledge in this together, created a new awareness specifications. When this cognitive paradigm established, Bai Yao Band-Aid product positioning can be raised immediately.

There is indeed a fatal soft spot Band-Aids, strictly speaking, it is not medicine, it is only a small emergency tape. The Bai Yao is a medicine, cloth and medicine boundaries clear, were clearly different, this is precisely to counter the Bondi Yunnanbaiyao to find opportunities: the “glue Budd points Bai Yao”, “never to have medicine medicine” will “Containing” as a market breakthrough , differentiate the product positioning, Bai Yao Band-Aid and the core differences between Bondi built up immediately.

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