Free Flute Sheet Music – How to Find Printable Flute Music Scores Online

There are many free flute sheet music scores available on the net waiting for you! Here are some useful tips on how to find flute sheets and how to search for them!

On some websites you can find free flute sheet music that can be printed and downloaded without any obligation on your part.

Other sites require that you subscribe to a newsletter or create an account in order to have access to their printable scores.

If you want to find completely free flute scores you will find them. But, you will have to patiently search for them on the many search result pages that will come up when you use your search terms on the search engines.

Sorry to say, many of the best free flute sheet music sites can be far down in the search results because the sites might be new not yet having attained a ranking in the search engines.

Another reason can be that the webmaster have not used the same keywords on their webpages that you use when you search.

The result will be that their pages will not show up in the search results even if the pages are exactly what you want!

What you can do to find the best flute music scores is to use the right keywords when you search.

If you want to find free printable flute scores that you can download you can use the search terms “free”, “sheet”, “music”, “flute”, “sheets”, “scores”, “printable”, “download” in various combinations.

You can also include terms like “easy”, “advanced” and if you want a written out piano accompaniment also of course “piano” or “flute and piano”.

Scores that are playable for flute can also be found written for other C-instruments like recorder or even Bb-instruments like clarinet and saxophone as long as you do not need to play together with other Bb-instruments!

Sometimes it is convenient to transpose music scores written for other instruments up one octave to make them more playable for flute. This skill can be practised as you sightread the scores. This will help you find much more scores to use in your flute playing!

I will mention one more search term you can use, “pdf”. PDF is an abbreviation for Portable Document Format and it is developed by Adobe and is used to present information with a fixed layout.

Many sheet music sites use this format to publish their music scores because of the control you have over the score layout!

You will need some type of software that are able to read PDF files like Adobe Reader or some other free program available online to open these files. PDf sheet music will give you high quality printouts so it might be a good idea to use this search term along with the other ones previously mentioned.

You will find suitable melodies not only on free sheet music sites but even educational flute sites often have easy scores offered for free. In order to find these sites you can include search terms like “learn to play”, “basic”, “lessons” or “beginners” to find easy flute sheet music.

A methodical approach to searching is to write down a list of key phrases that you can come up with like, “free printable flute sheet music”, and others using a word processor like word or note pad.

Then you can copy one key phrase at a time and paste it into your favorite search engine to see what will come up!

I suggest that you search for flute score sites using terms like the ones previously mentioned in various combinations bookmarking the sites of your taste. The bookmarked sites will soon become your own valuable library with easy accessible free flute sheet music!

Peter Edvinsson is a musician, composer and music teacher. Be sure to visit his site Capotasto Music and download your free flute sheet music at

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