Harp Cases – Getting the Right Case For Your Harp

As the name implies, a harp case is designed to contain a harp for storage or during transport. It keeps the musical instrument from getting damaged, scratched or from attracting dirt and dust that can affect its sound quality. Some harp cases are made to contain a single harp while there are those that come with a number of internal pockets or segments where you can store a number of harps, handles and other accessories.

There are two basic types of harp cases: the soft and hard varieties.

Soft cases – a soft harp case is usually made of nylon, PVC or soft leather. It is lightweight and is foldable so you can easily set it aside while you’re using the instrument. Because it is lightweight, it makes it easier for you to carry your harp around although the material used for it does not really provide maximum protection from physical abuses. The best protection that they can provide is in the form of interior foam paddings. If you’re traveling long miles with your musical instrument, you’re better off with the hard cases.
Hard case – the hard harp case is made from wood, fiberglass or carbon fiber. It can offer sufficient protection from forceful impacts and comes with cloth covered interiors to ensure that your harp is properly cushioned. The only thing about hard harp cases is that they tend to be heavier and bulkier making it a bit difficult to carry them around. They do have latches and locks to keep your harp secure while you’re traveling.

Buying tips

It is a good idea to opt for a harp case that comes with a shoulder strap to make it easier for you to carry it over your shoulder. Make sure that the case is also made of waterproof material because moisture and water can damage your harp beyond repair.

Important buying tips

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