Hindustani Classical Music in Kolkata

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Indians have been always inclined towards classical music. India has always had a rich tradition of Indian classical music. Every state of this country has its own unique style of melody and composition, usually called as ‘gharana’. It is an age old tradition in India to put the young children for getting training from the great music gurus. People from far and wide come to India to acquire the skills of being a renowned vocalist. This fond liking for music in the hearts of people can also be felt and seen greatly in the residents of Kolkata. Here too, young talents are putting a lot of effort to shape up into fine Hindustani Classical singer in Kolkata. Kolkata has always been the cultural capital of India and why not, here in this city one out of every three girls know singing.

Although various forms of music are popular amongst people in Kolkata, but most of the singers are inclined towards learning Rabindra Sangeet or Indian Classical music. To acquire the skills of classical singing, one has to take proper guidance from a reputed Hindustani Classical singer in Kolkata. Thumri is also a very popular and important part of Indian classical music. It is basically from Banaras, Uttar Pradesh, but is loved by the Hindustani Classical singer in Kolkata. For the emerging talents finding a reputed Thumri singer in Kolkata is not a very taxing task as the city has a lot to offer in this regard.Anyone who likes Hindustani classical music, values Thumri a great deal. Although the origin of Thumri lies in the reputed ‘Banarasi gharana’, but, one can surely find very skillful Thumri singer in Kolkata.

One can be benefitted by their skill and experience in the field of Thumri singing by seeking their able guidance. Learning classical music is very tough and hence demands total dedication and denotation.

Although, nowadays the trend of contemporary music is catching up and the young generation wants to learn this modern style of music and singing, but this current trend has not been able to shun way the importance of classical music in Kolkata. Even today, it has its own special place in the hearts of the true music lovers all over the city. Thumri has been an absolute favourtie of the lovers of classical music, and why not as Thumri is often regarded as the diamond of the Indian Classical music. In the modern times of today the music gurus experiment blending Thumri with other major ragas of the Indian music. This is making its popularity reaching an all time high.

All this makes any refined Thumri singer in Kolkata earn a lot of appreciation and regard. To get full control and for shaping into a good singer one has to get in to singing at a very early age, as during the childhood time it is easy to work on the vocal chords and match up to the notes of music hence one must search for a reputed Hindustani classical singer in Kolkata or Thumri singer in Kolkata to refine one’s skill of classical music.

Sanchaita was trained by her Late Guru Pandit A.Kanan and Late Bidushi Malabika Kanan of Kirana Gharana. Thereafter she received music lessons from Late Ustad Amir Khan’s disciple & accompanist Pandit Kamal Banerjee. She has perfect knowledge on adhunik thumri song and be come a good Hindustani Classical Singer in West Bengal.

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