Do Your Children Want To Learn The Drums? Why Not Go Electronic?

If youre the parents of a musically minded son or daughter there is probably one request that most of you will be dreading. The violin was too difficult, the flute was too classical, but what about a drum kit?

There are so many things about a drum kit that make most parents cringe in fear. What about the noise? What about the space they take up? What about the massive costs associated with them? What about the noise? (Its worth mentioning twice).
If you arent prepared to commit to a full drum kit just yet there are alternatives, and were not just suggesting drum lessons or using the kit in the school music room either. Have you ever considered looking at an electronic drum kit? With the technology advancements made over the years an electronic drum kit is no longer the cringe worthy alternative to a real kit that it once was. They sound good, they look good and theyre far more compact than the real life, non electronic, acoustic counterpart.

When looking for a drum kit, especially if it is a first drum kit, it is definitely recommended to be conservative about how much you spend. You dont want to over commit financially to an instrument that could just be another passing fad or craze that will soon be forgotten. One of the cheapest examples of an acoustic drum kit will typically set you back about two hundred pounds, however, even though the cost isnt too much, this still doesnt resolve the issues on space and noise. What are the benefits of an electronic drum kit as an alternative for a budding young drummer?

A starter range Yamaha electric drum kit for example, will set you back only one hundred pounds for a portable set of drum pads. What are the benefits of these Yamaha electric drum kit s as alternatives you may ask? Well, for a start, they have a volume control. Probably one of the biggest concerns of any parent is the hours upon hours of practicing background noise associated with learning any new musical instrument. None more so is this an issue, than with learning to play the drums! There is many a garage or shed with a drum kit in and even the distance to the living room cannot stop the noise from being heard. If you want to keep your neighbours happy and you want to still hear the TV then a Yamaha electric drum kit would be a great place to start.

Yamaha electric drum kit s are just one brand available and there are many others to choose from. Alesis and Roland are other examples of great electric drum kits available, and all of them have the same benefits over an acoustic drum set. Dependent on the make and model you choose is dependent on whether you will save money over an acoustic set, but Yamaha electric drum kit s can often be found for around the five hundred to eight hundred pound mark.

Electric drum kits will provide you with the added bonuses of volume control, portability and reduced size, and a potentially cheaper cost. If your children want to learn the drums why not combine their learning with acoustic drum kits in lessons and school and a smaller, quieter electronic drum kit to practice the essentials on in the home?

Andertons Music is a great place to buy electric drum kit.

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