The History Of Fazioli Pianos

Known as the maker of the most expensive pianos in the world, Fazioli Pianoforti has a relatively short history. In a world where most piano companies have existed since before World War II, Fazioli is still an infant . . . and yet, they are already considered to be one of the best.

Where did all this perfection come from? Pianos that combine both incredibly pure sound with equally astonishing design, high prices and higher quality, these are instruments that have been created specifically for the concert hall.

In the Beginning

Paolo Fazioli, an Italian pianist and engineer, founded his company with the goal of producing top of the line concert pianos. In 1978, he formed a group of top talent in the area of piano construction and began to create. It wasn`t until 1981, three years later, that the company, Fazioli Pianoforti, was officially founded.

After three years of hard work, the first demonstration models of the Fazioli piano were ready to be shown. And they were, at the Musikmesse in Germany . . . an event that was notoriously devoid of Italian brands. However, Fazioli made an impression, despite keeping his very Italian name.

In 1983, in a bold move, Fazioli placed a concert grand in the Teatro Comunale di Monfalcone. This meant that any pianist who played in the concert hall from that point forward had the opportunity to play a Fazioli piano. The method worked and it wasn`t long before many big name concert pianists had tried the new piano model.

By 1985, it was evident that this new piano company was worth its salt. People were starting to pay attention to the brand and more and more pianists were trying it out.

Then, in that same year, Alfred Brendal chose the Fazioli piano for his famous concerts in several locations, which definitely helped skyrocket the brand to fame. He also chose a Fazioli piano for his 1987 concert tour, which only reinforced the growing popularity.

During the concerts by Alfred Brendal, critics were very kind to the pianist and brought more interest to Fazioli. Pianos were needed in a smaller size, so the Fazioli product line was expanded to include the F212 in 1987.

Moving Into the 90`s

Through the Worldwide Dealers Meetings that began in 1988 and continue to this day, Fazioli was able to make contact with various vendors from other countries. This contact allowed the pianos to be picked up by dealers around the world, rapidly turning this Italian brand name into a worldwide brand. This also helped with the spreading fame.

Each year, Fazioli presented its pianos at the NAMM show, one of the most important music shows, which occurs annually in Los Angeles. Despite the growing international interest, Americans were still not as taken by the piano until near the end of the 1990`s. At that point, the Fazioli piano really came into its own on American soil.

The New Millennium

In 2001, Fazioli moved production and began to up both their production and sales. The early 21st century was a time of rapid growth for the company as more and more concert pianists requested the piano for their tours. Sales skyrocketed and by 2004, Fazioli was not just creating top quality pianos, they had their own concert hall.

Today, Fazioli continues to grow and has become a major competitor in the world of piano manufacturers, beating out even Steinway in some events. Despite barely 30 years of production, this is one piano manufacturer that has done an astounding job of making a name for itself and they won`t be going away anytime soon.

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