Sparkling Glass Knobs for Doors – Like Diamonds for the Home

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by Proggie

Diamond-like sparkle when the light hits them right, these modern recreations of fluted glass knobs, bring style and elegance to your home. Fluted glass knobs experienced a boom in popularity during the 1920’s to the 1930’s. The style has its origins in the Victorian period, the Regency style, with solid brass construction and a polished brass finish is re-emerging as a popular choice. This style of door hardware was also (again) popular during World War II – when Brass and Bronze metals became scarce. Designers and architects moved to using more glass door hardware – to help in the war effort and save metals.


Fortunately, this style has survived the ages. For example, the Regency style of a Fluted Door Knob set resembles many of the old world knobs – and they are available to match your particular decor; brushed nickel, antique brass, polished chrome and oil rubbed bronze. This Regency style of a crystal door knob can be matched with many different back plates – provided the crystal look for any Period Style home – including Modern homes.

The glass door knobs come in many various functions – including Dummy knobs – those tat appear to be a door knob but do not turn or function – to full-on latching and locking sets. While designed in an antique fashion, the Fluted Glass Door Knobs are sized for standard doors with a 2 1/8 bore hole.

The Regency Crystal Single Dummy Glass Door Knob with any choice of finish makes an excellent addition to any room of the home.  Matching the finish to your furniture’s hardware such as dresser drawer pulls or even bathroom faucets, be it antique brass, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze or polished chrome, can really pull the room together. Ceiling fans and even nightstand lamps can be matched to the finish and makes for a well designed décor that will impress your friends and family, but most importantly, you’ll be satisfied.

Your love for the finer things, like quality Fluted Glass Door Knobs will show in your selection of antique styled hardware from This hardware is perfect for matching Victorian period, 1920’s and 30’s or even eclectic styles of design for your home. Many online stores carry these styles of knobs. Try or for a wide variety of styles and colors.

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