Amazing Items Carried into Space

A scarf, a corned beef sandwich, a harmonica, miniature sleigh bells, the bacteria named cyanobacteria and flutes are some of the most amazing items that were carried into space.

Amelia Earhart was famous as the American aviation pioneer, but her scarf was even more famous. Randy Bresnik, whose grandfather Albert Bresnik, took Earhart’s scarf on shuttle Atlantis as it traveled to the International Space Station in November 1932. Another scarf of Earhart has been also carried into space. Eileen Collins, the first American woman to pilot and command the space shuttle, flew that scarf on her first mission in 1995.

Amelia Earhart was famous as the American aviation pioneer, but her scarf was even more famous.

The Playboy calendar photo of a topless blonde holding a pool cue published in August 1967 was affixed to the inside of a spacecraft locker after being announced in 1969 by Apollo 12.

Nearly half a century later, this photo was auctioned and sold at a large sum of money of $ 21,000.

NASA astronaut Cady Coleman has brought four flutes into the International Space Station. The Expedition 27 flight engineer plays them frequently.

In 1962, an astronaut named John Young was reprimanded for carrying a corned beef sandwich onto the spacecraft Gemini 3. NASA had to conduct an investigation into what objects were carried aboard the spacecraft after the controversy over this sandwich.

Space sandwich

On December 16, 1965, the astronauts Schirra Jr. and Thomas P. Stafford from Gemini 6 brought NASA a surprising Christmas present by their performance of the familiar song “Jingle Bells,” using a harmonica and miniature sleigh bells that they had smuggled into the spacecraft.

Miniature sleigh bells

Bacteria called cyanobacteria have lived with astronauts for years. They can survive after 553 days without oxygen in outer space and withstand the high levels of radiation and harsh temperatures.

Bacteria taken from cliffs at Beer on the South Coast of England has been carried into the international space stations by researchers

Amazing Items Carried into Space: Astronaut Cady Coleman plays flute


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