Violin Master Pro Or Violin Master Plop?

Violin Master Pro is a popular method to violin lessons online from the well known Eric Lewis. Learning an instrument online is becoming an increasingly method and some of its unique concepts and teaching methods are what make it a happy alternative to conventional one to one lessons or group lessons with a tutor.

Firstly who is Eric Lewis?
Many people will know or recognize him from being principal violinist with the Manhattan String Quartet. He has taught at colleges and higher level institutes for over 25 years and is a renowned soloist too.

What is Lewis’ Violin Master course?
With his years of teaching experience Lewis has put together an online study course that takes you from holding the instrument right through to playing any genre of music from memory with a good knowledge of music theory too.

So is it Pro or is it Plum
Firstly there are some obvious benefits to this program.
Eric Lewis is the first – this guy obviously knows what he is talking about. You don’t get to be a member of the MSQ if you are an average player.
Inside the course there are plenty of bonuses and content.
12 months worth of lessons.
PFD’s and downloadable books.
Play along Jam tracks.
Online support Forum.The negative points are that the course may not be suitable for people who have been playing for a while.
Yes, Eric Lewis is world class but a lot of the material is aimed at beginners. Whilst he promotes that this is suitable for players of all levels, if you are grade 5 already then a lot of the lessons you will know or have accomplished.

However if you are new to the violin this should be very good for you. Certainly a lot cheaper than private lessons and a lot more informational and fun than your average tutor book.

So is Violin Master Pro a plum? No, this is a comprehensive course and good value for money. However don’t expect that this will make up for lost hours of practice. It doesn’t matter who your teacher is Lewis or not, it doesn’t matter what course you take VMP or not, what truly matters is regular, methodical and focussed work in between each of your lessons.

I have only listed a few of the benefits of Lewis’ Violin Master Pro course in the article. More can be found out by visiting his website.

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