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by Proggie

When starting a home business, good entrepreneur training is essential to your success. When reviewing the training available through various online opportunities, make sure these things are included. These things set apart victorious entrepreneurs from the “wanna-be’s”.

Relevancy Universal Consistency Embracing Responsibility

The first one is relevancy, how relevant is the training? If you are learning about the drums, you don’t want a bunch of flute music. You want sounds, beats, and rhythms. Granted, you can play the drums with a flute track and make beautiful music together but it’s not something you’ll want to train on. Mechanics is what you want. Relevant step by step instructions that can get you where you desire. Training that encourages you to move through the system and do the things that will make you money!

Second is, ask yourself “is this universal?” or “can I use this in my other businesses?”. So often we go through a bunch of schooling and come to find out, none of it works in real world situations! The ones teaching, are instructing old and weak material that might work for some home businesses but not all. I get it, some people like pitching friends or family, or random people in the super-market, some like cold-calling, and home parties but some of that stuff doesn’t quite transfer over as well on an internet-based home business. I like to keep my business separate from my friends. What if the company you’re involved with goes under, can you take your “list” with you, or do THEY own your leads? A perfect entrepreneur training company encourages building your own list in my opinion. Build a “universal” list. One “you” can train and keep informed in whatever you’re doing.

Number three, consistency.

There’s a lot of quality training out there but the key to mastery is doing it until it burns! No pain-No gain right? Muscle isn’t built with sporadic spontaneous once a month work-out sessions. It takes time and dedication, you have to pay your dues. Very very few hit the mark on their first try. Scott Reed says “This one step – choosing a goal and staying to it – changes everything.” That’s powerful stuff!

Four, embracing new concepts. If you aren’t willing to apply new concepts or put some old philosophies behind then you will never move forward in your business. If you’re learning that means you will be earning. It’s about letting your guard down and listening to some new ideas. Ask questions and enjoy the answers. If it sucks it’s probably not for you. Being an entrepreneur is paradigm shift in itself. Some people won’t work for themselves. It’s not in their nature, can they, sure but they probably never will. People by nature fall into habit, but if you can break and change your habits then you can definitely be a successful entrepreneur!

The last, responsibility. It is completely up to you what you train on, how you train, when you train, point is, is that it’s ultimately up to you. You can educate yourself on new methods all year long and never make any progress unless you put what you’ve learned into action. That is what being an entrepreneur is all about. Taking control of your own life and not being dictated by a job or boss!

In closing, these are just some simple principles that I apply into my own business, I’ve been through a lot of training, good and bad but if you stay true to yourself the right training will eventually find you. Get good enough to take those entrepreneur training wheels off and ride to the top of that hill!

Having a solid Entrepreneur Training program makes all the difference. For more info on me and marketing tools, visit my blog

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