An Honest Review ? The Piano Garden Method

Marc Johann is the creator of the Piano Garden Method. He became passionate about teaching the piano lessons after years of study and finally learning to get it right. Because of the methods that are typically used for instruction in piano, he believed many students become frustrated and give up or fail. His desire was to create a product that would aid instructors in their efforts of teaching the piano. The plan is unique because it will work for students who desire a self study method as well. It’s simplicity allows it to be a successful tool in an instructor’s repertoire, and a straightforward approach for self-study students to learn the techniques.


When Marc was a child, he took many piano lessons. He says he did not stay with one teacher for very long because of his poor progress. He indicates many of his teachers did not think he had what it took to learn piano. But, he notes the teachers never seemed to have a proper lesson plan. He felt they would either produce random lesson pages that didn’t seem to build on one another, or when they did use books, they were never taught from start to finish. He believes strongly that a start to finish plan helps students to stay on track and more easily engage in the concepts they are learning. After many years of struggle, he did finally learn to play. His passion lead him to create the Piano Garden Method that many instructors are now calling the secret to their success.


Because piano lessons are often taught on a private basis by a part time teacher, there isn’t a lot of quality information they can use to create a lesson plan. A teacher would have to come up with her own plan for teaching and this can take time and also be very frustrating.

Marc has made this part easy by producing his method of teaching and making it available for teachers and students alike.

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