Maruti Alto Is World’s No. 1 Small Car

By selling the highest number of cars, Maruti Alto is able to grab the title as the world’s number one small car in 2010. Maruti Alto left behind the famous Fiat Uno and Volkswagen Gol in Brazil and Volkswagen Golf in Germany. This sets, for the first time, a car selling in India that managed to become a bestseller at the global level.

Maruti Alto marked a 25 percent hike that amounts to 3,000,000 units sold from that of the previous year, 2009. The launch of the car model Maruti Alto K10 made an even more interesting twist for the company since this triggered a greater demand in the market. The launch of Maruti Alto K10 was scheduled in the middle of year 2010 thus resulting in improved performance for that year. The period was crucial for the model as this was also the time when the major competitor Volkswagen Golf faced a scroll down from its previous post at third place. Mr. Rao, the Managing Executive Officer (Engineering) addressed the occasion proudly in Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. He commented that Maruti Alto K10 is the major reason behind the progress made by the company in the previous year as it was able to attract a great demand in the market.

The K10 has been very well received and has been responsible for the growth that we witnessed last year. We are confident it will do even better this year, said Mr. Rao, Managing Executive Officer for engineering, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. The success of Maruti Alto can be traced back from the time that it was launched in 2006 and it has been able t stand as the largest selling car in India and now, the recognition soared higher as it reached the global level thus adding further success to its story. The company is still aiming big for the company as they are now targeting a sales of 4 lakh units for the year 2011. The company car Maruti Alto became popular because of its being fuel efficient and it has proved to be the perfect successor of Maruti 800.

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