Choosing The Right Crystal Wine Glasses

All wine glasses have the same basic design. They have a flute shape and consist of a foot, stem and bowl. Choosing the right glass for drinking a particular wine is regarded by wine lovers to be very important as they feel it makes a great difference to how it tastes.

Proper tasting begins with carefully examining the wine. This means that glasses need to be clear of any color, distortions or designs which alter the natural color and clarity of the wine. Most people are of the opinion that there is nothing which shows off wine better than ‘crystal wine glasses’.

Many wine lovers are convinced that quality of glass used can also have an impact on the taste of the wine. One of the explanations given is that crystal is rougher than glass and therefore creates a disturbance in the wine which releases its aromatic compounds. You will not often find a true wine lover drinking out of a plastic wine glass, if ever!

Lead crystal, a heavy glass prized for its clarity and brilliance, was the material of choice for wine glasses from the 17th century. However, increasing concerns about the long term health hazards of lead has brought about changes. Modern glass makers have had to work on non-toxic alternatives to lead such as Boron and Titanium. These alternatives have proved successful, allowing for production of hard, resilient and brilliant crystal.

Some of the finest stemware in the world is still available only in lead crystal, so it continues to be sold. However, many companies are now committed to using only lead free crystal. The highest quality crystal glasses can be very expensive and they are also very fragile.

Crystal used to be much more costly than glass but nowadays crystal wine glasses of good quality can be purchased at a reasonable price.

These glasses are available in many different sizes. A larger glass means it does not have to be filled to the brim, allowing enough space to swirl the contents. The stem, bowl and foot all add towards the elegance and practicality of a glass. The stem is there to separate the warmth of the hand from the wine itself and to prevent the bowl from being smudged with fingerprints. The foot must be wide enough to give the glass stability and yet be in proportion with the stem and bowl.

The shape of the wine glass is considered to be one of the most important factors when choosing wine glasses. The shape determines how well the wine aerates. A narrow shape allows for little surface area and therefore limited aeration. This is suitable for white wines but as red wines are made with the grape skins, they have more complex compounds than white wines. Red wine glasses therefore need the widest bowls so that the rate of oxidation is increased. As the oxygen from the air interacts with the red wine, the aroma and flavors develop, adding to the taste experience.

The choice of wine glasses can have an influence on your wine drinking experience. It is worth taking some time to compare prices, shapes and sizes before making a decision.

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