The Algarve

If you are visiting Portugal, Algarve will surely be the number one destination spot on the list of places to visit. It’s sure to win a place in your hearts with the most beautiful beaches in Europe, top golf courses, scenic cliff views and beautifully done grottoes along with its warm year-round Mediterranean climate. All this is definite to make Algarve the southern most part of Portugal a tourist destination.

Most tourists come to Algarve to enjoy the cleanest of beaches that you can find in Europe. With more than 30 of its beaches making into the European Unions ‘Blue Flag”, tourist flock to this sunshine land. Along with its beaches you will also be enchanted with it historic towns like Sagres (also known as”The end of the World” before the age of Discovery), Faro, and Lagos all worth exploring.

The Algarve coastline as well as the central region is thickly populated with tourist who come to Algarve to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean climate, among the entire hustle bustle you will also find traces of traditional Portugal along with its narrow whitewashed streets as well as peace and quiet in the cove beaches.

The latticed chimneys and the white domed buildings along with the almond trees remind us of the Moorish settlement and influence that’s visible in its architecture. The well known beaches in Algarve are Praia da Marinha and Armação de Pêra. For all those who would love to enjoy at the spa you can visit the Caldas de Monchique at the well known spa town. You will find spa’s to relax yourself and restaurants and resorts near the beaches, so you can munch on and enjoy the cool Mediterranean Sea breeze.

Weather on the Algarve.

The temperature at Algarve fluctuates between 15 deg Cel in winter to 31 deg Cel in summer.

The temperature does not fall anywhere below zero in the winter months. Thus making it ideal for the tourism industry, mainly for people from colder regions like Germany and U.K

Some of the exciting places to visit when at Algarve are;

Faro being the capital of the district houses several monuments, medieval walls, Cathedrals from the Roman -Gothic origin and museums. The Churches in Sao da Misericórdia and the Nossa Senhora do Carmo along with some of the existence of the Roman ruins make it a must visit. As these towns are located several kilometres apart you will need to hire a car on the Algarve.

Lagoa is scenically surrounded by vineyards and is perched on a small hill; hence it’s known for its wine produce. The white houses along with its vineyards lightened up by Mediterranean sunshine make it a picturesque place. The nearby Carvoeiro has charming sandy coves and is an old fishing village which has now transformed itself to a holiday resort.

Portimão reminds you of a beautiful framed picture with its golden sand all framed with its rocks and cliffs. The slopes of the mountains are covered with pine trees and wild flowers making it an alluring walk up the hills and a panoramic sight from above. You will find shopping exhilarating with a wide range of wicker, earthen ware, cane, handmade lace and embroidery on sale.

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