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Citroen released the Saxo in 1996; it was based on the Peugeot 106 as a supermini. The Citroen Saxo became an iconic model for Citroen in particular the VTR and VTS models, which were the high performance derivatives.

The Saxo was very popular amongst young and new drivers due to its price and cheap maintenance. The VTR and VTS models were very popular with petrol heads, as they offered great performance for relatively cheap. The VTS and VTR were and are still little pocket rockets.

The Mark 1 VTR had a 1.6 litre engine producing 89bhp, the VTS had a 1.6 litre engine producing 118bhp, and they did 0-60 mph in 10.0 seconds and 7.8 seconds respectively. The sportier models came with a body kit to visually distinguish them from the other models.

In 2003, Citroen replaced the Saxo with the C2 it was designed to capture the younger audience of its predecessor’s following, the C3 was designed to capture the older Saxo driver. Citroen made a massive stride when it came to safety in the C2, the Saxo only had 2 stars in the Euro NCAP ratings, but the C2 has 4 out of 5 stars.

Citroen knew in order to make the C2 as popular as the Saxo they would need to resurrect the VTS and VTR from the Saxo days. The C2 VTR comes with 110bhp and the VTS comes with 125bhp, the BHP gains were not that much compared to the Saxo and the 0-60mph times remained similar but, the C2 as well as having better safety equipment also was cheaper to ensure due to its extra level of security. The VTS model comes as standard with deadlocks and a Thatcham Category 1 alarm system.

At my local used Citroen C2 Chesterfield dealership they had a GT model in stock. The GT is a rare model; it comes with a sporty body kit, bright red, blue, silver and black paintwork and unique white alloy wheels. All GTs had a number certificate to show their authenticity. Only 2250 were made exclusive to the UK.

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