Maruti Alto K10 Already on Roads

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Yet another Hatchback car from Maruti- the Alto K10 is already on roads to beat its competitors. Available at a price range of Rs. 2.28L to Rs. 3.2L, the car has done a good business in India.

Maruti is the biggest car manufacturing company in India, known for the varied cars which it has given to its citizens. The earlier cars from Maruti were also a success, including the popular Maruti 800; the Alto K10 car was also expected to show the similar results. With the sitting capacity for 5 people, the Alto K10 consumes around 15-20 liters of petrol for every kilometer. Therefore, one can take along four other persons along on a drive. The car can accelerate to 100 kmph starting from 0 kmph in just 13.3 seconds. Though it does not possess some of the most common features like the central locking system, power windows and Traction controls, but the Alto K10 is yet being liked by the people and many have agreed to beat the roads with the Maruti Alto K10 car.

Though it does not seem from outside, but the Alto K10 cars are really spacious and the one who drives it can have the complete pleasure of switching to any of the 5 gears that are available there. When going out with the family on a short trip, one can have the complete fun with the Alto K10 car from Maruti. But, people who want to buy this car find it difficult sometimes to know about the specifications of the car. But, the online shops have made this easier. These online shops provide all the specifications and details of cars which one wants to know. Alto K10 prices can also be known from the online shops as well.

Moreover, people are also buying these cars directly from the online shops. This makes the process very easy and saves a lot of time of the consumers too.

Maruti Alto K10 cars have not been as popular as the other Maruti cars, but it has proved to be a success as compared to its contemporary cars in terms of the price and other specifications.


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