How to Find the Best Guitar Lessons

Before the internet came along, the easiest way to learn how to play the guitar was to simply buy one at the local music store, lock yourself in your bedroom, and strum along to songs on the radio until you “got it”. There are no other instruments whereby this would be considered a reasonable way of learning, and for many budding guitarists, the frustration and time involved is simply too much.

Finding the best guitar lessons has not always been easy. In the past, you could go to a coffee shop and peruse the local bulletin board to see if anyone was offering lessons. Lessons from a “freelance” guitar instructor could be good, or they could just turn into a gab-fest and no learning. And, who wants to sit with a stranger while you pay him to show off his skills? An instructor may advertise that he or she provides the best guitar lessons in town, but it is rarely true.

Few public schools offer acoustic guitar as an option in the music department. Either you play the piano or violin, flute or clarinet, or you are the lone drummer in the school. No one learns to play guitar in the school system.

So, finding the best guitar lessons have always been hard to find. Now, however, you can find great guitar lessons for all types of guitar styles and levels online. Whether you want to play folk or rock, country or classical, you can find all kinds of lessons that suit your time schedule and playing ability.

Most experts will tell you to start with an acoustic guitar before moving to an electric guitar, however there are even online guitar lessons that allow you to interact live online with an electric guitar, plugged into your computer. This type of learning can speed up the process immensely, and before long, you will be playing onstage.

Tiger Woods may be the best golfer in the world, but that certainly does not mean he would be the best golf teacher.

In fact, he may be quite a poor golf teacher. The best golf teacher would be one that knows how to teach as much as how to golf. The same is true with the guitar. The best guitar lessons are taught by someone who knows both the guitar and what it takes to disseminate information in an exciting way.

There are a number of online guitar teaching resources available right now that make learning the guitar timely, fun, and exciting. Being a lot more productive than playing “Guitar Hero” for an hour, an hour spent with a real online guitar lesson can really teach you to play!

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