Easy Piano Lessons – The Journey Begins

Being of Greek origin most of my childhood memories are filled with going to family gatherings where there would always be plenty of people, laughter, food, wine & music. Especially Live Music. 

When you mix all these ingredients it usually spelled trouble and often the case that’s exactly what happened.  Throw in a healthy splash of dancing and it was the party to end all parties. The life of the party was always the piano. The most mesmerizing part was to hear the music flow from one song to the next and the effect it had on everyone.

From the violin, bouzouki and clarinet – the audience would be enraptured by the intoxicating sounds (or maybe it was the wine?). But for me it was always the piano that served as the basis of the whole interlude that that really made the magic.

Seeing the fingers of pianist dance across the keys blew me away. 

They make it look so easy, but how hard could it be? 

I knew if I was ever to learn such mastery I would need some help.  I would need to find myself some easy piano lessons and the discipline to learn. I thought about looking locally for teachers who could be my mentors, however all the good ones lived on the other side of town and where quite expensive.

I found looking for easy piano lessons was harder than I thought.  Some required some knowledge of music and others just seemed so complicated. I remember one prospective teacher told me I could pass my first exam in a matter of months. The thing is I wasn’t interested in passing an exam I just wanted to learn how to play, so once in a while I could impress friends, have a creative outlet and just have fun.

So as a kid I thought this was just too much and quit…

After many years (too many too mention) that inner desire started creeping back and I started looking around to get an idea of what was out there.

I don’t know about you but I was a bit nervous and embarrassed to be looking at piano schools at my age.  As a kid you have a mind that’s thirsty for knowledge and can absorb any thing new like a sponge.

These days I barely remember what I had for breakfast.  The idea of clumsily trying to learn the piano at my age in front of a total stranger was too much to bear.  However, these days we have the advantage of the internet- which I didn’t have as a kid. Online I can find the easiest of easy piano lessons to learn from and learn at my own pace and not have anyone look over my shoulder. 

Now I can learn in the comfort of my own home, when I want & not around the schedule of any teachers. 

You can get this and more with easy piano lessons. I have found that many people have mastered the piano by taking lessons online.  The lessons  guide them towards being able to creatively make music, and not just technically make music. So now all there is to it is to take the next step and look at some great courses to get playing the piano in record time.

George Kanellopoulos is music lover with a great passion for all styles of music. Combined with a thirst for knowledge and love for live music he has began a new course of his life in mastering the piano, through easy piano lessons.

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