How to Find a Good Violin Advisor

We all need a violin advisor to guide and tutor our success along the path to playing under the spotlight. It can be difficult, especially for beginners, to try and fill in the blanks on every single note when there are so many things you don’t know that you don’t know. If you need a good violin advisor to help speed up the process, there might be one online or next door to you waiting for a new student. Here are some of the best ways to find these folks and get them to teach you how to play the violin well.

One way is to go on a classified website such as Craigslist. Every day, Craigslist has millions of people online looking for their next opportunity. Whether this be for a job, a purchase, a sale or just to mingle with someone next door, you can pretty much rely on everything on this site when it comes to buying things. My advice is to either post a listing for yourself looking for a violin teacher who can instruct someone at your level. This will attract a number of responses from people you might not have ever met otherwise, a lot of them students or professional teachers.

The other option for a local teacher is to simply walk in to your local university or music store and see if they have lessons. Call around and ask what kind of experience your teachers have and see if you can get access to someone with a lot more experience than yourself. It’s usually a good idea to have a violin advisor be head and shoulders above your current level so they can answer any question you might ask, thus keeping you in line with the flow of progress and not getting stumped by a tough problem or difficult piece for playing the violin.

One other option I recommend to people who live in obscure parts of the world for a good violin advisor is online violin lessons.

These lessons are taught through video and audio sessions where you can observe various pieces being played and how to practice them to improve your playing ability and become more successful on the violin. If you don’t have the money for weekly lessons, these are often a lot cheaper while still delivering great results in terms of playing ability and style. They are definitely a must have for those learning to play violin on a budget.

But most important of all is to simply get a violin advisor. Without a violin teacher guiding you and directing the course of your actions in the practice room and the performance hall towards success, you will often times be lost and without direction on the violin, which can usually only result in mediocre results. Don’t sell yourself short! Get some good violin instruction and start playing your way to the spotlight today.

Eric Conklin is a violinist and a blogger who specializes in helping new musicians find lessons that help them grow quickly and efficiently. To learn more about an amazing system that will double your results while cutting practice time in half, visit by clicking the link below:
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